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Okay, I'm all caught up with True Blood. I didn't do much else but watch the 2 seasons over the last 2 days - what a slob I am! LOL!

and - spoiler alert - here's what I think )
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The Chaser ... in fine form
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I'm calling out to all my friends who watch Brit TV. Can you rec me any shows you are currently enjoying or have recently enjoyed? I've watched a few over the course of time - like
Fawlty Towers, Hitchhiker's Guide, Red Dwarf, Gormenghast, Brideshead Revisited, QaF, Spooks, Coupling, The Office, Pride and Prejudice (and a couple of other historical dramas), LoM, Jekyll, The State Within, Torchwood and Dr. Who, and probably a lot of others I can't remember at the moment.

I'm up to date on Whitechapel, Merlin and I'm getting a hold of The Vicar of Dibley too. What's your take on the latter? I think that is one my Mum was watching but we don't always share the same taste so wondering if it's worth a shot ...

Is there anything else that's been taking your attention? *cookies* if you can let me have any suggestions
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Heh! You must be sick to death of me bleating on about Sammy the Koala by now! Anyway, I wanted to collect together some vids of her and David Tree and other relevant animals & people for posterity. There's repeat footage in them (Sorry!), but all the clips under the cut have something a bit different. Poor David isn't used to the limelight and he stumbles a bit and gets things wrong, but he's a real dear, and it's lovely seeing him trying to give credit to the other deserving volunteer workers. You can read what he says about the timing of the footage, the international attention and how much he is out of his comfort zone here.

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Article: Firefighter recognised for aiding koala

Portrait Shot and Burned koala paw (not Sam's)
It looks like Sam has been posed for this shot! Her legs and paws are in a different position to the other pic like this. I was really interested to read somewhere that the Strezlecki Range koalas are much fluffier, (long-furred) and rarer than other more common varieties of Eastern Seaboard Koalas. She's very pretty in this shot, isn't she?
Portrait Shot Burned Koala Paw

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Hey there f-list! I haven't posted in forever - or at least that's what it feels like. Work has been very busy, but I have been reading most of what's going on in your lives and keeping up with news, but not much commenting or fic reading, sad to say.

I have finished my [ profile] sga_art_santa piece *is nervous* I am pleased with it but am the first to admit I suck at the conceptual side of art work.

I put up my Christmas tree last night. I went with the red apples, red and gold balls and colourful tropical fish this year! The blinking fairy lights look so pretty! Unfortunately, my camera is on the blink, so no pic! I sent off my present to Mum - she wanted colourful plastic paper clips from Japan and I sent some retro machine magnets and other sundry stationery things, which she might like (I hope!).

I went to see the American comedy play "The Boys Next Door" on Sunday, which was quite good, although I felt like I couldn't laugh at their antics in the first act - a bit un-pc, but in the second half I felt like I "knew" them better and so could chuckle more honestly - in a kind of affectionate way. I think a lot of people felt the same. Other plays I have seen recently are The Vagina Monologues (wonderful! - a friend of mine from work played in it) and Romeo and Juliet. The latter was half in English (Romeo's side) and half in Japanese (Juliet's) set in the Meiji era, but I just didn't enjoy it all that much. Romeo was an unlikeable dork, whose diction was at times inarticulate and Juliet's head kept bobbing like one of those bobble dolls, which really distracted me. I liked seeing it In-the-Round though.

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The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have cracked me up this week! Lots of hopping into Sarah Palin but also some amusing stuff in Steve Colbert's Threat Down segment.

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Top Gear

Jul. 28th, 2008 08:42 pm
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Oh Top Gear seasons are TOO SHORT! Only Six eps! but they are hugely long so that offsets it I guess! *hugs those guys anyway*

It was a great season. Lots of Japan stuff! I went to Ishikawa last year - where they started the Nissan GTR versus the shinkansen race from.

And the Axis versus Allies Powers Challenge in this last ep had me laughing my head off ~ esp. all the nods to WWII films like The Great Escape (James May dumping gravel down his trouser leg on the race track was hilarious *g*) and that one that I can never remember the name of where there was an en masse escape of POW soccer players from a match put on by the Germans. Hee!

I also liked the two guest star drivers - a bit of a variation on previous years. Oh it's too long to wait for next year! *whines*
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Boy, I had a marathon last night and today.

The Finale of Torchwood S2 Exit Wounds , )

Cloverfield )

Doctor Who S04E01 Partners in Crime  )

Across the Universe )
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I'm in the middle of watching Top Gear's Winter special - The Toyota versus sledge race to the North pole and Jeremy says, "Meanwhile, James is breaking out the "Elevenses" (chocolate)"

My question is ... is "Elevenses" strictly Jeremy just having fun reffing LotR, or has "Elevenses" always been part of English "meals" culture? I always thought it was just Tolkien adding in another meal, cos we all know what food aficionados the hobbits are, but maybe ... no?

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