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Birthdate:Jun 20
Website:Actual Minds Possible Worlds
This journal started out from an interest in reading fanfiction in Stargate Atlantis. Mostly I'm into McKay/Sheppard slash, but I also enjoy the odd gen story! Before LJ, I read XF and Highlander. I have also been known to read NCIS ff and for a brief moment in time, in Merlin.

Edit June 2010: These days, I am pretty overwhelmed at work and haven't been posting much at all. Consider me almost dormant for the time being, but as this is a paid permanent account and I enjoy the odd art-making effort, I plan to be around - keeping up mostly with the friends list.

I make headers, manips and icons.

TV Shows I'm watching in 10:
Doctor Who
The Mentalist
White Collar
True Blood

Credits: Textures used on this LJ and in graphic gifts to friends are courtesy of [info]51291, [info]chamberten, [info]dusty_memories, [info]erniemay,, [info]kekoah, [info]le_mot_mo, [info]lookslikerain, [info]nisey3518, rotfuchs, [info]seriouslywir, [info]silverlilian, [info]spiritcoda and [info]vert_gazon.

Brushes by bizz_pussycat, [info]eowyn_rus, [info]filmowe, [info]padabee, onthinair, photoshoprangerstock, [info]simpleandclean, [info]sleepwalkerfish, tiffcali06, and [info]visual_jaeho

Also, hugs to [info]bluespirit_star, [info]causette and [info]berlinghoff79 for graphics, and LJ stylesheet/rotating headers help and [info]blimey_icons for the fabulously cute LJ icons.

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