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May. 3rd, 2009 12:10 pm
liresius: (Dr Who ~ CaptainJack Kiss)
Made a few more headers ... wanted to widen the pool a bit to reflect more fandoms so, 1 Merlin/Arthur, 1 NCIS and 2 of Captain Jack! Couldn't leave him out, he's too adorable!

cut for mini header images )
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Well the 11th Doctor has been announced info under the cut )
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Have been playing around with the new PS CS2 and it's been fun! There's not a huge difference between PSP and PS, although of course there is the selective colour thingy. I played around with the latter making this Red-Eyed Tree frog icon, and made a manip of The Doctor and the Captain from the Confidential 'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello (no selective colour in that though).

manip here )
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Another fabulous episode! I'm wondering when they are going to peak! It seems unbelievable that they are just keep scaling up.

liresius: (Doctor who and Captain Jack - Utopia)
What a brilliant ep! Yay! The Captain is back. I was rocked by the Doctor's sternness with Jack, reigning in his every greeting to any lovely thing he came across. How was he with that hunky guy in the bunker? *g* and with Chantho? Jack's mock petulant "Can't I say hello to anyone?" followed by his all too knowing lascivious grin! Guh ... so much slashy sub text in their interactions. Captain Jack is so much better in DW than Torchwood. He was sent way off track character-wise in the latter, and I'm pathetically grateful TPTB have reprised him as his previously charming, flirty (and a bit naughty) self!
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