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Well, due to the change in TOS on LJ, I am moving permanently to DW, even though I haven't used LJ in a year and a half.
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Yay! I have got my rotating headers back! Long story short - unbeknowst to me Ripway (my original free webhost) was chased off the interwebs! It seems it was a blight on said webs, and harbored all sorts of malicious stuff, from what I was able to google.

Now I have a new free webhost - 000webhost (hopefully this one will turn out to be of a more upstanding character.

Thank you to [personal profile] causette for her post, which I originally used many aeons ago and found once again!

As well, I have got [profile] blimey_icons's mini mcshep LJ user icons back too!
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I've updated my Profile Page with the few banners I've ever received. Yes, I know, a paltry number, but I'm rather proud of them anyways!

And you should get a load of this! Ah, Nature!

You are what you eat

Huh! LJ!!

Sep. 26th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Okay, I just realised that if someone comments to a post I've made, but I've already archived the gmail that the first commenter makes to that same post then I don't get a separate email for the later commenters! Meaning, to find out if there ARE later comments I have to either go and check each journal post or search for the original archived email, so from now on that means I probably shouldn't archive any of my LJ posts. This is TIRESOME, LJ/gmail!!

Anyone know how I can get around this or even know whether it's gmail or LJ that's changed this?

And sorry to everyone if I've missed or been really late answering your comments! I didn't realise this until just now.

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