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So...the 3rd episode - His Last Vow - of this series of Sherlock. SPOILERS galore are under the cut.

This has been such an odd 3rd series. I've liked it but not quite as much as the first 2 series. One thing that has made it a bit too much for me is the intense interweaving of their private lives with cases - not to say it is a bad thing, but it somehow changes the dynamics of the whole show. With so many in-jokes and nods to fans, I'd rather less of that stuff because then I appreciate it more for its rarity. I also found the plotting a bit implausible to be honest - such things as drugging his family, Janine too in her reaction to realising she was being used, though I found that somewhat more entertaining in that she made something of it, but clearly she won't be a friend and I really liked her!

Sherlock throwing Mycroft up against the jamb so violently was great payback for watching his torture in TEH! Regards Mary, it seems like she is was both a baddie and being blackmailed so everyone was right! Though I am not sure how she got into M's office.

Molly - I like how gutsy/knowledgeable she is being shown as but not sure it matches her character development up to this series! What's with all the face slapping?

The Christmas scene at Mummy and Daddy's was wonderful! I love that Mummy got so fierce about someone putting a bullet in her boy! So glad to find the genius runs in the family somehow. I loved the domestic kitchen scene with Mycroft tortured about Christmas being so dull and being scolded - I am sure I have read fanfic exactly mirroring that scene! What a hilarious and telling moment when Mummy sprung them smoking - notice that Sherlock blamed Mycroft, as an automatic response! Sherlock really must have been the beloved one and I can really understand where Mycroft is coming from re Sherlock, as a result. But it is so clear Mycroft cares very deeply for Sherlock - I am really most fascinated with the two, more than even John/Sherlock.

I did nearly have a heart attack when Mary got up and we saw she was pregnant, then later collapsed when she hugged John because I thought this was the death and tears we were all expecting - but it was not so.

Redbeard is pretty much exactly what I imagined - Sherlock loving something/someone so much, his weak spot...

To be honest I didn't get the whole Magnussen glasses thing - was there really no physical archive? It was in his own mind palace? The glasses were just his prop for remembering, not some technology?

Oh and Steven Moffat et al. Such bloody liars! Moriarty is coming back?!

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