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Some weirdo *looks shiftily at [ profile] koushirouhan* *g* found a two year old post of my caps of Joe F. in Thought Crimes. Joe in a suit and tie should be squeed about forever and to that aim I have reuploaded, although it took me a while to locate them on my badly organized hard drive :D

The zip is 4MB and the caps are not HiRes or anything fabulous, but they are ok for icon making. Hugs to [ profile] bluespirit_star for the original file! You can see some samples On my original post

On Media Fire AND for good measure

on MGU.
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It's a bit old (I haven't been listening to some of my podcasts since I broke my iPod and am waaaay behind on The Book Show). It's from July 21st 2008, but just in case anyone is interested, it's a three way discussion between Ramona Koval your gracious host, Nick Pullen, a lawyer working for TressCox and Simone Murray from Monash University. The segment goes from near the beginning to about 16:10 minutes in. There's nothing really new in it.

It's a 17.73 MB .mp3 here on Megaupload.
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I've uploaded a zip file of 480 caps from The Shrine on Megaupload.

ETA: The caps are huge They were huge in my photoviewer, but turned out not to be as big as I thought opening them in PS. Still they are bigger than the usual. /ETA

They're from a 1.09GB video file, although they are not high res. Even so, I think they are better than the caps from the usual 350MB files on offer. Er, I might have focused on J/R a bit, because I just adored the boys in this - John was always reaching for Rodney and Rodney was desolate without John, always calling for him. John was his touchstone! But there's plenty of everyone else as well. Comments are much appreciated!

Picspam (13) of The Shrine which is not dial-up friendly )

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