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My Mac HD kept mysteriously filling up. At first I moved a lot of stuff to an external but it didn't stop! Yikes. I ended up trying various sudo commands but no joy. Then I stumbled on a Mac Support forum entry which recommended OmniDiskSweeper and I was able to nail it down to a Mail problem - Mail kept recovering an email of mine with a fairly large attachment of photos.

OmniDiskSweeper was brilliant for tracking it down and deleting it. Now it seems completely resolved and I have plenty of disk space left - more in fact, since I moved so much stuff in my early attempt to fix it! Yay!

I have had the flu but am recovering.

I just read [personal profile] rageprufrock's latest installment of The Least of All Possible Mistakes and am thoroughly enjoying her female George Lestrade, as well as all the other characters!

Feb. 9th, 2009 11:04 pm
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Does anyone else use for free hosting? I use it for my style sheet and headers they aren't loading, so my layout has been wonky for days. I also can't seem to load the ripway site itself to check in there or ask what the problem might be. I don't think my account has expired or anything, through not logging in once every thirty days, as I logged in about a week ago.

*is puzzled and a bit annoyed about it*
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I'm duelling banjos at the moment .. playing the S05E20 aired version in Media Player Classic alongside the pre-air in VLC. Both versions seem to have the same definition but there's a very slight, different colour wash, but they seem more equal with the aired in VLC and the pre-air in MPC . The aired has a greener cast, whereas the pre-air has more magenta, but mostly in earlier scenes involving skin tones.

I swapped them around in the players to make sure and yeah, the skin qualities in the aired have had the pink reduced and they are either greener or whiter and sometimes the uniforms are greener too ... It's splitting hairs maybe, but artists might be interested to know. There're the credits to deal with in the early scenes in the aired, the Sci-Fi logo and an advertising banners for shows as well. In the TEMP VFX scenes, there were a few differences - a couple of smoke plumes were different (maybe?), a bit more red on the outside of a spaceship in one scene, different background colours in a few shots - not really that noticeable unless you are comparing them directly, but there are some subtle differences and SF geeks might like to know.
No one not in SGA will probably even recognise the figures but click for my very blurry impressionist version of a very dark, "unrecoverable" cap from The Shrine"
... )
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I've been noticing these cute little SGA mini-icons around the place and the lovely [ profile] berlinghoff79 linked me up to [ profile] blimey_icons post here.

I snagged John/Rodney (square) but she has another series of all the characters where they are rounded .

Plus, the team! and a puddlejumper *ggg*.

Hee! I'm chuffed! With my pitiful css foo I still managed not to screw it up, although it took me a while to match the background colours in my external stylesheet that show up behind the user names themselves in different sections of my journal.

I wonder if there is anyway using css to use different icons for individual users and the team for communities, for example. I would love that!
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Well Semagic works but I've accidentally imported entries to IJ twice. Now I have to figure out how to delete the copies.

ETA: I worked it out and used the history function in Semagic to delete them - a bit tedious, but fairly quick considering the alternatives.
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I finally worked out how to convert .avi to .wav! Yay! I made a .wav to go with closing down programmes on the PC using a snippet of some J/R interaction from Tao of Rodney ... the part where Rodney says his "goodbyes" to John ... "In the grand scheme of things we're good, aren't we?" and John's "Of course!" is so lovely for how heartfelt it is.

Also thanks to [ profile] causette for how to make s *smooches ya*

Also a new Rodney header if anyone wants to snag. This is the mini version

Rodney mini header

If anyone is interested in the larger 1024x400 original it's at
Megaupload here
or at Media Fire here
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