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Work has been incredibly time consuming. It has eaten up all my evenings in this first week of lessons, not to mention all the behind the scenes work associated with admin and meetings before classes and that is only going to increase from here on in. I'm afraid I haven't had much more than an occasional peep at the flist.

Re Dreamwidth )

Apropos of nothing, I'm addicted to Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream - the whole segment. I won't embarrass myself by admitting how many times I have watched it! *weeps and laughs* Thank you [ profile] xanthe_lj for that! I have converted it thanks to [ profile] bluespirit_star's headsup on a Giveaway of the Day conversion software and loaded it into the new shiny iPod, dl-ed the whole episode of BGT and burned it to disk, joined two Susan Boyle fan sites and this Saturday have been googling her obsessively and watched and read everything I could find. Yes, I know I need help with my addiction *g*. But I really hope she goes to the limits and achieves her dreams.
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It makes sense that my crime is failing to establish literary merit in my fic - I haven't got any *ggg* Well except for that gumnut baby default icon drabble, and yeah ... they were definitely underage.

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension15
Your crimeFailing to establish literary merit in your slutty adolescent John/Rodney jerk fic.
Who reported youmandragora1
Your fateBack the next day on one of your many sockpuppet accounts.

Huh! What many sockpuppet accounts?
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*Waves* to flist

I'm sure you'll all be relieved to hear that my gumnut_baby incest default icon *pointsup* has so far *g* survived the purge. It looks like the heat is off now with the many journal and comm reinstatements[site community profile] dw_news . 

Don't ask me how I got overlooked *shrugs* ... especially with that incriminating subheader "Where Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Find True Love (Together!)".

The mind boggles ... with baby-brother, incest slash, I was sure I was a marked woman. But then maybe LJ Abuse missed my 100 word default icon drabble on "baby, h/c love" ... and hey! That was my first EVAH published fic! I'm totally insulted! *g*

More seriously, my heart is warmed by the [profile] fandom_counts  numbers. When I left for work this morning member count was at around 29600 something. It was well over a 1000 more by the time I got home this evening taking us above the 30000 mark. I honestly hadn't expected it to keep climbing today because I joined at about the 17000 count and I feel like I'm always the last one to know anything! LOL!

I'm also kind of pleased that the responses hit max on Barak's posts and commenters hijacked the next most recent message (about birthday notifications). Fandom runneth over!

Not that I agree with a lot of the vitriol that has been hurled, or the ideas of mass defection to other journal blogs. I think it's better to stay, work it out, and in the process, with both LJ and these shady vigilante groups try to bridge the gaps in understanding (well maybe these groups are not really worth it?). I don't say that because of their ideals, but more their methods and lack of professionalism). It's BETTER if they know who we are and we explain our case and they learn the distinctions. I was very surprised Lj acted in such a knee-jerk way though. They've come down quite a way in my thinking - I had expected more professionalism from their end too - more smarts.

There's just too much to comment on, so I won't, but feel free to mention any aspects close to the heart/mind.

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