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Remind you of any episode in particular?

A Black and Decker Story
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Fanart collage:"Solitary Man" Spoilers for Vegas, natch!

Click on image for full size!

Hm, don't know why I can't seem to upload image to my LJ galleries :( I keep getting a page saying I need to log in, but I already am! *looks puzzled* Solved!
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Okay, I just looked at the last post on [ profile] sga_reference and ... umm, it was in April, so anyone on the much treasured f-list out there who knows .. what was the ep (and season) where John headslapped Rodney? I always get those BC forest eps confused (originally thought it was Runner, but I re-watched it and that wasn't it) ... I know I probably have the file on disk, but can't for the life of me remember which ep it was ... haaalp!
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I've uploaded a zip file of 480 caps from The Shrine on Megaupload.

ETA: The caps are huge They were huge in my photoviewer, but turned out not to be as big as I thought opening them in PS. Still they are bigger than the usual. /ETA

They're from a 1.09GB video file, although they are not high res. Even so, I think they are better than the caps from the usual 350MB files on offer. Er, I might have focused on J/R a bit, because I just adored the boys in this - John was always reaching for Rodney and Rodney was desolate without John, always calling for him. John was his touchstone! But there's plenty of everyone else as well. Comments are much appreciated!

Picspam (13) of The Shrine which is not dial-up friendly )
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I've uploaded 245 Hi Res zipped screencaps of The Last Man. They're 1280x720. Some have a logo. Most are of John or Rodney, but there are quite a few other caps as well ... can I be blamed if I concentrated on the black bandanna of love? *g*.

You can download the zip at Megaupload
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Here's 50 zipped HD screencaps of the first scene in Quarantine ... you know, that one where John's heart gets broken?


13 caps under the cut )
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A few thoughts on the season opener!

... and image heavy JR picspam here )
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Thought I'd post some (10) SGA 3x17 "Sunday" cappies - no commentary ... I don't have the heart for it. Feel free to snag. A comment would be nice though. Beware of spoilers.

I also uploaded a zip of about 90 caps to hxxp:// (xx --> tt)

ETA: Looks like I can't link to my LJ gallery, so I'll upload to Photobucket.

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