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I don't think I had ever read the complete 'In the City of Seven Walls' by [ profile] auburnnothenna before this summer. I know I had read bits and pieces, but this year I got to the finished story and the audiobook, and greatly enjoyed them both.

I made some art - for the end scene of the epilogue - it's not exactly as described in the novel, but hope it captures some of the sense of it. Click on the image for the full size.

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The Hat(s)

Jan. 24th, 2009 10:46 pm
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I had to jump in on the hat fun! Bonus cookies if you can call the album (which has nothing, as far as I know, to do with Aretha Franklin).

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I'm sick, with a temperature and horrible pains in my gut. Maybe the flu?

Anyway, I played around with a pic from The Shrine, because I couldn't get my head around work I should be doing. Rewatching S1 of SGA. I really love S1 *sigh*

Click on image for full size.
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I'm duelling banjos at the moment .. playing the S05E20 aired version in Media Player Classic alongside the pre-air in VLC. Both versions seem to have the same definition but there's a very slight, different colour wash, but they seem more equal with the aired in VLC and the pre-air in MPC . The aired has a greener cast, whereas the pre-air has more magenta, but mostly in earlier scenes involving skin tones.

I swapped them around in the players to make sure and yeah, the skin qualities in the aired have had the pink reduced and they are either greener or whiter and sometimes the uniforms are greener too ... It's splitting hairs maybe, but artists might be interested to know. There're the credits to deal with in the early scenes in the aired, the Sci-Fi logo and an advertising banners for shows as well. In the TEMP VFX scenes, there were a few differences - a couple of smoke plumes were different (maybe?), a bit more red on the outside of a spaceship in one scene, different background colours in a few shots - not really that noticeable unless you are comparing them directly, but there are some subtle differences and SF geeks might like to know.
No one not in SGA will probably even recognise the figures but click for my very blurry impressionist version of a very dark, "unrecoverable" cap from The Shrine"
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Well, it's finished. It's had its highs and lows and I'm going to miss the boys, that's for sure, but not so much what the PTB do with it, so the boys are safe now ... untouchable, except for what OUR porny little minds will do with them *g* and not counting any movies, of course. For that, I'm relieved, as it really did hit some bad patches in S5.

Goodbye Show!John and Rodney! Live long and prosper in fandom!

Here's a quick manippy-pic of a couple of my favourite faces from Echoes.

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Here's a zipped .mp3 of a bbc radio 2 show about Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"called "The Fourth, the Fifth, the Minor Fall", that I came across. The zip includes a pic of The Man himself.

Also, one last gratuitous manip post for the year

Click for full size image!

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I just listened to the podfic of Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion read beautifully by the author [ profile] auburnnothenna. I had real trouble following it though, due to the Memento type structure and the fact that it's been about 3 years since I read the fic. Wonderfully dark story, but I just had to go back and read it again. Maybe now the podfic will be easier to follow.

uh, that's all I wanted to say ...


Aug. 29th, 2008 12:18 am
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Well, I haven't yet really said anything about the SGA news, but like everyone, I'm upset! I can't say devastated, because I was expecting it, in all honesty but nevertheless, it's had me quite down and feeling rather insecure. It feels like I've had warning that a supporting structure is going to be removed out from under my feet and I'm really sad about the prospect of missing The Hew and JoeF and their snarky, gay-lurve, especially given the brilliant performance of DH in The Shrine (and Kate and everyone else). I thought that ep was amazing! But I have a lot of faith that the fandom will continue for a bit longer and that's a huge comfort to me right now.

It's pissing down right now! And there's lots of thunder and lightning - this summer has had unprecendented thunder and lightning. I love it so much, when nature makes her presence felt, even if it scares the hell out of me (that's probably half the attraction), when it cracks right outside!

In other news - I got my TV low-board and cabinet (the latter for DVDs and CDs) to match. It looks lovely. Also got the dining table and 4 chairs in the same wood, with black leather covered seats, and I LOVE having a decent place to sit while I prepare work stuff! I'm really happy that's all arrived and I'm very pleased with it as it's beautifully, (hand) crafted stuff! I'm only sorry I can't show you pics as my camera keeps giving me a memory card error-message and I tried THREE cards! Yikes! Looks like I'm in the market for a new camera some time soon.

Now I just need another bookcase that will hold stacks of books. I think I'll get it from the same craftsmen. I want it to match and it smells lovely all woody and polish-y!
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You know how once you let something go (as in publish it?) you then feel relaxed enough to play with it ... and sometimes when you do that, the results are better, or at least pleasingly different? ... Yes, I lost the neural interface that was integral to the fic but I played around spiking Sheppard's hair which is always waaay satisfying!! Here are the results of my tinkering (in Sheppard-speak about what McKay does) with my original cover art for ... Indelible. Do go and read it when you have time.

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I was sick of my Rodney icons ... made a couple more. Still haven't mastered the happy Rodney icon *g*

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Another John Rodney manip ...
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I've been noticing these cute little SGA mini-icons around the place and the lovely [ profile] berlinghoff79 linked me up to [ profile] blimey_icons post here.

I snagged John/Rodney (square) but she has another series of all the characters where they are rounded .

Plus, the team! and a puddlejumper *ggg*.

Hee! I'm chuffed! With my pitiful css foo I still managed not to screw it up, although it took me a while to match the background colours in my external stylesheet that show up behind the user names themselves in different sections of my journal.

I wonder if there is anyway using css to use different icons for individual users and the team for communities, for example. I would love that!
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Heh, yes, I know that NOT THIS many people requested icons ... okay, I'll admit it! I kinda went crazy making so many but I've been looking for an excuse to use Ze Icon Table Generator for ages, so that's why ...

but see, here's the thing .. some piece of my heart went into the "Need You ..." manips and I want anyone who does perchance, want an icon to feel like it's a personal present ... that it's their's ...
Also, monitors are so different and sometimes icons look darker/lighter depending on resolution, so that's why the icons aren't extraordinarily creative but are basically only three crops, yet all are slightly different opacity/rendering/selective colour wise. I wanted to stay within a range that was faithful to the manips, but each one IS unique.

So these are the RULES ... please read carefully!

1. Comment on the one(s) you want on this post. If you're the first to claim it (them).. then it's your's and only your's ... (if you want more than one, you might have to deal ...)
2. No credit necessary because it's a gift.
3. If the one you want is claimed, and you want something like it but a bit more .../ a bit less ... / with / without text ... then just ask me. I'll do my best.
4 These are NOT BASES. Please don't alter them - I purposely didn't want to make them too "arty".

ETA: There's only 16, 17, 29 and 33 left, if I'm not mistaken.

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Three 600x manips behind the cut - they're all the same pic - just with different effects and colours.

ETA: Please do not distribute these manips or alter them in any way.

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Pic from The Last Man )
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I've uploaded 245 Hi Res zipped screencaps of The Last Man. They're 1280x720. Some have a logo. Most are of John or Rodney, but there are quite a few other caps as well ... can I be blamed if I concentrated on the black bandanna of love? *g*.

You can download the zip at Megaupload
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