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Some weirdo *looks shiftily at [ profile] koushirouhan* *g* found a two year old post of my caps of Joe F. in Thought Crimes. Joe in a suit and tie should be squeed about forever and to that aim I have reuploaded, although it took me a while to locate them on my badly organized hard drive :D

The zip is 4MB and the caps are not HiRes or anything fabulous, but they are ok for icon making. Hugs to [ profile] bluespirit_star for the original file! You can see some samples On my original post

On Media Fire AND for good measure

on MGU.
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I couldn't resist watching both ... Here is a zip on Megaupload of about 600 caps (350MB version) of Vegas. About eighty percent are of John, 15% of Rodney (or both together) and 5% of the Wraith and what not. There are a few thoughts below the cut, but I'm sure I'll have more to say in dribs and drabs later. I'm still mulling it all over...

major spoilers and unfriendly for dial-up picspam of Vegas )
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I've uploaded a zip file of 480 caps from The Shrine on Megaupload.

ETA: The caps are huge They were huge in my photoviewer, but turned out not to be as big as I thought opening them in PS. Still they are bigger than the usual. /ETA

They're from a 1.09GB video file, although they are not high res. Even so, I think they are better than the caps from the usual 350MB files on offer. Er, I might have focused on J/R a bit, because I just adored the boys in this - John was always reaching for Rodney and Rodney was desolate without John, always calling for him. John was his touchstone! But there's plenty of everyone else as well. Comments are much appreciated!

Picspam (13) of The Shrine which is not dial-up friendly )
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I've uploaded 245 Hi Res zipped screencaps of The Last Man. They're 1280x720. Some have a logo. Most are of John or Rodney, but there are quite a few other caps as well ... can I be blamed if I concentrated on the black bandanna of love? *g*.

You can download the zip at Megaupload
Black bandanna bandito )
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Here's 50 zipped HD screencaps of the first scene in Quarantine ... you know, that one where John's heart gets broken?


13 caps under the cut )
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Two zips of screencaps - mostly John and Rodney - on Megaupload.

"The Tiff" (2.86 MB) and "Other caps" (12.68 MB)

Comments are love! Enjoy!
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A few thoughts on the season opener!

... and image heavy JR picspam here )
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Whoo! I love my show still ... read more )

There's a .zip file of about 75 caps (mostly of John, Rodney and the SFX) here

and a few caps here )
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Thought I'd post some (10) SGA 3x17 "Sunday" cappies - no commentary ... I don't have the heart for it. Feel free to snag. A comment would be nice though. Beware of spoilers.

I also uploaded a zip of about 90 caps to hxxp:// (xx --> tt)

ETA: Looks like I can't link to my LJ gallery, so I'll upload to Photobucket.

under the cut )
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I liked the Ark. We've had such brilliant team/relationship eps this season and it's time for just an action adventure type ep. Fond memories of DW The Ark in Space - minus the green bubble wrap slime creature! My, SFX have come a long way! *g*

I've uploaded about 40 zipped screencaps of The Ark to MediaFire here

Most of them are J and R but there are a few of Lorne - he's just too cute to resist - some of the FX and of course "the incubus boot from hell" *winksatBluespirit* Comments would be nice!

And there are a four minicaps for snagging behind the cut here )
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Well, I'm a bit late for the birthday party, but thought I'd post these anyway.

There are 162 screencaps of JF in a zipfile hosted on Media Fire here. Comments are love!

and caps of Joe behind the cut )
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Here are some screencaps, zipped on MediaFire, of DH in "And Never Let Her Go".
click here
For NLHG1-4.jpgs I enhanced the contrast because it was difficult to see anything at all, but I think all the rest are au naturel.

Also a couple of sample pics here )

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