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Boy, I had a marathon last night and today.

The Finale of Torchwood S2 Exit Wounds , )

Cloverfield )

Doctor Who S04E01 Partners in Crime  )

Across the Universe )
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Had a productive catch up day now that I'm on holidays. First the gym - swam 34 of the not so usual 40 laps. But yeah 40 is what I should do!

Then off to Yoshiko's for a haircut. I love her shoulder massages. I'm touch deprived! She has now fixed up the botched effort I made on keeping my hair boyishly short, and may I say it's now really short!

Then I paid my City tax (Wow, and that's a hike/hit with the National Govt. handing over all these responsibilities to the Prefectures this year). Then went to City Hall to pay to get rid of my bread-maker (400 yen), which is broken - pick up by the recycle centre people is tomorrow, outside my building - and then renewed my Foreigner's Card in said same City Hall (I have to wait two weeks for the new one, but all the business is done for it).

Then I bought 10 000 yen worth of new bed linen at Takashimaya (Summer Sale) and it's all beautiful U.S cotton. It feels so good. Hmm, I've got a friend coming up to visit and I just felt I needed to do that.

Then up to the 11th floor for a superb Italian Lunch set. Yum - a bit costly at 1450 yen but well worth it! Loved the charred sea bream Main, but the chicken spaghetti with cream tomato sauce was delish too. Finished with a coffee mousse and some ice cream that tasted vaguely of passion fruit, but I wasn't sure.

Then I decided to indulge more, with a film. Wednesday is Ladies Day in Gifu so it's only 1000 yen (as opposed to 1600 yen every other day). I'd seen The Queen and 300, so "Pirates of the Caribbean" it was!

PotC spoilers )
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Another fabulous episode! I'm wondering when they are going to peak! It seems unbelievable that they are just keep scaling up.

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What a brilliant ep! Yay! The Captain is back. I was rocked by the Doctor's sternness with Jack, reigning in his every greeting to any lovely thing he came across. How was he with that hunky guy in the bunker? *g* and with Chantho? Jack's mock petulant "Can't I say hello to anyone?" followed by his all too knowing lascivious grin! Guh ... so much slashy sub text in their interactions. Captain Jack is so much better in DW than Torchwood. He was sent way off track character-wise in the latter, and I'm pathetically grateful TPTB have reprised him as his previously charming, flirty (and a bit naughty) self!
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I've seen all of S2, so the following comments should be read in that context. Behind the cut are my thoughts (and spoilers) on Runner )

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