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For the Aussies on the f-list, or if you have any political background on Aus. politics, you can catch the amusing The 2008 Wharf Revue: Waiting for Garnaut here on the ABC site. I don't think the audio will be up for long now. Alternatively, I upped it here on Megaupload.

Warning: Strong, coarse language, including expletives and just generally iconoclastic in the as per usual, fine Australian tradition! You'll recognise a lot of the songs used.

Apropos of nothing: I have graded all 20 students at one university, 120 out of 160 at another university and am still teaching at the last one (2 weeks to go there). The sorta holidays will start then, but I'll be doing stuff for the last university both on campus and at home, as the full time job starts officially in April.


Jan. 21st, 2009 06:38 pm
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Congratulations to President Obama and the American people!
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Yay! Congratulations, Barack Obama! Congratulations, America! Congratulations, the rest of the World!

I arrived at work today and one of my American co-workers had brought cake in hopeful anticipation of such a result. It was very hard for us to drag ourselves away from CNN in the staffroom to go to our afternoon lessons. But at least we got to see New Mexico called and McCain's gracious concession speech - then in the 10 minute break we saw Florida called, but we missed Obama's speech live. Got home and it was the first thing I googled. It was good. Inspiring, but not too starry-eyed!

I am very pleased and hopeful.
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Hee! I love's editorials, which I get sent to me twice daily. Funnily, I haven't seen a Nigerian scam letter in years ... at least until this last weekend, when they came through LJ (and I promptly banned that LJuser's arse).

Sound familiar, anyone ...? )
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Food for political thought from Ann-Marie Slaughter, U.S. security expert on

ABC's Big Ideas ... a vision of our complex global future.

You can listen online or download the audio at the link. Such big ideas always give me hope ...

In other news, I spent the day swapping between doing administrative paper work for the three universities, I'll be working at this year and house cleaning, since the weather is so nice. I'm a bit anxious about getting time off for when my Mum visits in June for my BIG! Five-Oh! I should be able to wangle it though ... it's just I'm new at two places so I need to work out what their way of dealing with personal days taken is. I also have so much to do in the way of planning for all these courses, it's daunting, but I just have to ... not procrastinate!

I also rewatched Sleepless in Seattle after re-reading An Affair to Remember by Tira Nog *sighs* Such a warm and lovely romance with "tragedy barely averted" story that always makes me feel complete and so very happy. Anyone who hasn't read it, (not that that's likely...) should get thee to it! *g*
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Ramona Koval (ABC Radio ~ The Book Show) discussing a book by Indian, Pankaj Mishra in which he discusses his meeting with the Tibetan poet and essayist Wosa (dissenter against Chinese occupation of Tibet) to Robert Silvers (NY Review of Books).

"In August this year [2007] the officially atheist Chinese regime passed legislation effectively banning Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission."

*cracks up*

Is there anyone else around that thinks this is completely, hilariously absurd (that is if it wasn't about cultural oppression)?
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Well, I've decided to move to Nagoya. It's more expensive, but I'm sick to death of this dive I'm living in. Sure the rent is great, but I sooo badly need a change to lift my spirits. Tho, the main reason for moving is to cut down on the commuting time. I'm just getting totally worn down by it. Seven years is enough. The only bad thing about the decision is that as soon as I decide to move I finally get some work in this city (Gifu). So I'll have to commute back here at least once a week. But this lioness' share (4 out of 5) days of the work is definitely in Nagoya so it still makes sense to move.

The good news is ... )

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