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I haven't done anything at home for the last 4 days. I've just been following the news on the fires. It's times like these I feel I should be back in Australia. I feel so terribly for the people who have lost loved ones and property. My thoughts are with you all.

I collected together some photos images of the bushfires in Victoria and NSW. They are all over the Net but I wanted to put them in one place, because I'll never find them later.

My friend L, who just flew back to Victoria for the spring break is ok. I rang her this morning and she said the fires stopped about 15 km north of her.

It's all been emotionally devastating and I keep tearing up.

ETA: Anyone wanting to make a donation I think The Australian Red Cross's Victorian Bushfires Appeal is probably the best place, if you have a credit card and can afford it. Also, the forms are internationally friendly.

Another alternative is The Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation Bushfire Appeal 2009, which will go to a range of charities helping the victims directly on site.

And for any touched by the plight of the animals there's Wildlife Victoria. Thanks to [ profile] ancientcitadel for the link.

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[ profile] xanthelj's Is Ded of Extreme Guh...! Post and the Very Guh!-y Manip put me a search for the specific promo shots. I didn't find those, but the one below made me laugh. Poor Gibbs! Lunatic to the left and right of him. Tony looks like he's reliving the Get Smart fantasies of his lonely childhood. What a nut he is! LOL! And the wacky outsiders - well, they're on the outside for good reason *g*

click on the thumb (and then click again) for the full size!

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John Sheppard

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Feb. 27th, 2007 07:02 pm
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Surprised to see me use this word? You should be! I really deplore its modern use, in much the same way "tragedy" is used for the everyday. Be that as it may ... Cast your eyes upon the firmament ... the 10 most popular Hubble Telescope photos.

The Sombrero Galaxy - 28 million light years from Earth - was voted best picture taken by the Hubble telescope. Officially called M104, it has 800 billion suns and is 50,000 light years across.
And why hopeful? That this photo was voted Number 1. gives me hope at least of humankind's discernment in design and maybe we'll work out the problems that beset us. It's beautiful in its utter "simplicity" when compared with the wonderfully colourful, but flashily complex 2-10.
Roll on E.L.E. 6.
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Snagged from [ profile] dopeydora_67

Interests collage (not image heavy) ... obviously I need to update/broaden my interests lol

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