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May. 3rd, 2009 12:10 pm
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Made a few more headers ... wanted to widen the pool a bit to reflect more fandoms so, 1 Merlin/Arthur, 1 NCIS and 2 of Captain Jack! Couldn't leave him out, he's too adorable!

cut for mini header images )
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Hee! I tied for 2nd place with [ profile] froggy_freek

Banner 2nd Place

Here are the ones I made at the time of the challenge, some of which I submitted, some not. Free to good homes ... Just comment if you want to take.

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I've made my first fandom community [ profile] ncis_headslap. It's probably pretty obvious, from the name, what it's about *g* but you can check out the Community Guidelines here. I've also made a new LJ identity [ profile] capn_oneshot to help maintain it.

Pretty much anything headslap related is allowed - discussion, fanfic, fanart etc - it's just a place for dedicated squeeing! So feel free to join and pimp it out if you are interested.

I'm also making a dossier of all the moments when ncis headslaps occur, so if anyone feels inclined to contribute, they will get much "attaboy/girl" headstroking from me. You can comment to this post with any info re headslap moments you know about.
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Listing of NCIS headslaps that I know of and where they are in the eps - mainly for my own reference under the cut ... )
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[ profile] xanthelj's Is Ded of Extreme Guh...! Post and the Very Guh!-y Manip put me a search for the specific promo shots. I didn't find those, but the one below made me laugh. Poor Gibbs! Lunatic to the left and right of him. Tony looks like he's reliving the Get Smart fantasies of his lonely childhood. What a nut he is! LOL! And the wacky outsiders - well, they're on the outside for good reason *g*

click on the thumb (and then click again) for the full size!

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