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I am having a lovely GW! After my part time afternoon job on Monday arvo, I had the whole week spread before me!
On Tuesday my seminar student came to visit and we made a chocolate cake (packet mix, sadly but we spiced it up with almonds and cardomom). She had never iced a cake so I assigned her that task with some guidance. She was chuffed to have done it! We had a lovely time chatting and eating.

I loafed off on Wednesday, then yesterday went to Heiwa (Peace) Park for a picnic with a girlfriend/work colleague. It was a glorious day with scudding clouds and we even discovered a eucalyptus forest the park people were growing in plastic hot houses - poor things - they looked rather chopped off and not at all natural in their shape. There were also some wattle (golden) which made me a little sad for home. Then after that, a nice hot coffee  and home made cheesecake in a coffee shop on the way home. It was such a relaxing day and lovely to be out!

Today, I treated myself with nail manicure and pedicure, plus nail art - waaay too expensive, but I didn't care! I loved the whole treatment - being massaged and coddled for an hour and a half. Then it was down to the hairdressers where I got a cut - of course a cut means shampoo and shoulder massage too, so I feel very pampered right now. I am colouring my hair right now and might go out for the night.

Tomorrow the same friend from the picnic on Tuesday and I are off to the countryside/mountains for a BBQ and digging up some takenoko (bamboo shoots) on my friend's friend's mountainside of bamboo forest. I am really looking forward to it!

Hope my flist is having a wonderful week!
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Back from a lovely week in Perth, Australia. I took the students over and they seem pretty happy there, mostly. Caught up with family. Mum caught the Indian Pacific over. It was cold in Perth but warm in the sun. Beautiful blue skies. Mum and I stumbled on an All Male Voice choir performance in the Perth Town Hall the first night and we caught a 5 minute ferry to the other side of the Swan River to watch the city lights come on. I was impressed with both the modern skyline and the way the historic buildings have been kept in Perth - not torn down for the march of modernity. We visited Fremantle Port and the original prison, The Round House, based on Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon design. We also took in the Art Gallery and saw Cowboys and Aliens (terrible!).

After Mum went home, I rented a car for one day and went up to the Gravity Discovery Centre, which I had heard about on my radio podcast of The Science Show and Yanchep National Park, north of Perth. On the way back I drove down to the coastline of Joondalup - cold blue ocean and rocks. The people at the GDC were great and really got people involved in trying out all the science exhibits. I enjoyed Yanchep - I walked around the lake Wetlands Track, but even more, I loved getting behind the wheel of a car after so long and just driving! Also did lots of clothes shopping, so I feel good to have a supply of decent clothes for the next while. I have tomorrow to pack for Spain (and Marrakech), but am catching up on Torchwood, Dr Who and True Blood. I love TW ep 7! We are finally seeing a serious amount of Jack's past life (love the period chosen) and whoo whoo for the Angelo love!
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Hey there f-list! I haven't posted in forever - or at least that's what it feels like. Work has been very busy, but I have been reading most of what's going on in your lives and keeping up with news, but not much commenting or fic reading, sad to say.

I have finished my [ profile] sga_art_santa piece *is nervous* I am pleased with it but am the first to admit I suck at the conceptual side of art work.

I put up my Christmas tree last night. I went with the red apples, red and gold balls and colourful tropical fish this year! The blinking fairy lights look so pretty! Unfortunately, my camera is on the blink, so no pic! I sent off my present to Mum - she wanted colourful plastic paper clips from Japan and I sent some retro machine magnets and other sundry stationery things, which she might like (I hope!).

I went to see the American comedy play "The Boys Next Door" on Sunday, which was quite good, although I felt like I couldn't laugh at their antics in the first act - a bit un-pc, but in the second half I felt like I "knew" them better and so could chuckle more honestly - in a kind of affectionate way. I think a lot of people felt the same. Other plays I have seen recently are The Vagina Monologues (wonderful! - a friend of mine from work played in it) and Romeo and Juliet. The latter was half in English (Romeo's side) and half in Japanese (Juliet's) set in the Meiji era, but I just didn't enjoy it all that much. Romeo was an unlikeable dork, whose diction was at times inarticulate and Juliet's head kept bobbing like one of those bobble dolls, which really distracted me. I liked seeing it In-the-Round though.

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Sep. 24th, 2008 10:27 am
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It left me very bitter that my greedy ex wouldn't even part with one of the three Royal Doulton dinner services his mother gave us (and one of those was a wedding present). So it's been a long while coming, but I finally went and bought my own bone china - not RD, but Noritake - what can I say? I live in Japan and I think they're just as good. I think it's part of the healing!

Reason I did was cos I had a dinner party for four here on Sunday (which is a whole 'nother story!) I also bought new cutlery. It's a design called New York. Traditional shapes for cutlery but very plain - no flourishy designs. And 6 lovely crystal wine goblets!

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Aug. 29th, 2008 12:18 am
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Well, I haven't yet really said anything about the SGA news, but like everyone, I'm upset! I can't say devastated, because I was expecting it, in all honesty but nevertheless, it's had me quite down and feeling rather insecure. It feels like I've had warning that a supporting structure is going to be removed out from under my feet and I'm really sad about the prospect of missing The Hew and JoeF and their snarky, gay-lurve, especially given the brilliant performance of DH in The Shrine (and Kate and everyone else). I thought that ep was amazing! But I have a lot of faith that the fandom will continue for a bit longer and that's a huge comfort to me right now.

It's pissing down right now! And there's lots of thunder and lightning - this summer has had unprecendented thunder and lightning. I love it so much, when nature makes her presence felt, even if it scares the hell out of me (that's probably half the attraction), when it cracks right outside!

In other news - I got my TV low-board and cabinet (the latter for DVDs and CDs) to match. It looks lovely. Also got the dining table and 4 chairs in the same wood, with black leather covered seats, and I LOVE having a decent place to sit while I prepare work stuff! I'm really happy that's all arrived and I'm very pleased with it as it's beautifully, (hand) crafted stuff! I'm only sorry I can't show you pics as my camera keeps giving me a memory card error-message and I tried THREE cards! Yikes! Looks like I'm in the market for a new camera some time soon.

Now I just need another bookcase that will hold stacks of books. I think I'll get it from the same craftsmen. I want it to match and it smells lovely all woody and polish-y!


Apr. 9th, 2008 02:41 am
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Top Gear ...

What's this look like? Too pale/light/blurry? How would you change it? I'm totally open to ideas!

The child rang tonight and we had a good chat for an hour. Main topic - the Olympic Torch shamozzle! Go Protesters! ... and my Mum :( on which topic there is no change in my thinking.

Interview with the President of the school for my full time job tomorrow at 1:45. I hemmed and ironed my new trousers in prep. Got my apartment in order - all clean! Then made potato salad for dinner, with baby greens :-)


Apr. 4th, 2008 05:36 pm
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Got my gaijin card updated with my new visa (to 2010) at City Hall - good to get that out of the way ..

Had an Italian lunch set in Takashimaya Dept store. Yum! The pasta had a creamy tomato sauce but was ever so delicately a curry flavour too. Didn't think they could pull it off, but they did!

Then lucked in on an underwear/bra sale - bought three Wacoal bras @3000 en each - they usually cost 7-8000, so that was full of \o/. I now have full brassiere confidence for my busy work year ahead *g*

I also bought some khaki work trousers/pants for 13 000 en at another store the day before yesterday, so I feel pretty set, although I'd like to get some more new and longer summer skirts and some non-iron shirts too.

Work stuff

Apr. 2nd, 2008 09:15 pm
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Went to the second of my new university jobs today - not classes, but a briefing for new part-timers. It all seemed to go well and C, my friend who I've known for 17 years here (we homeschooled our kids together), and got me the university job was there. It was great to see him. He was just back from his son's wedding in South Australia.

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Oh, I'm a soft touch with shoes ...and very bad for wearing them inside my J apartment, but hey, they are a brand new key, so I'm snuggling my teensy feet into them ... I'm totally in love with them and damn the cost!
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Mar. 13th, 2008 10:21 pm
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Snurched from [ profile] bluespirit_star

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don’t blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don’t blog about, but you’d like to hear about, and I’ll comment on it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on tv, favorite type of underwear, stories I'm working on, travel, etc.
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Food for political thought from Ann-Marie Slaughter, U.S. security expert on

ABC's Big Ideas ... a vision of our complex global future.

You can listen online or download the audio at the link. Such big ideas always give me hope ...

In other news, I spent the day swapping between doing administrative paper work for the three universities, I'll be working at this year and house cleaning, since the weather is so nice. I'm a bit anxious about getting time off for when my Mum visits in June for my BIG! Five-Oh! I should be able to wangle it though ... it's just I'm new at two places so I need to work out what their way of dealing with personal days taken is. I also have so much to do in the way of planning for all these courses, it's daunting, but I just have to ... not procrastinate!

I also rewatched Sleepless in Seattle after re-reading An Affair to Remember by Tira Nog *sighs* Such a warm and lovely romance with "tragedy barely averted" story that always makes me feel complete and so very happy. Anyone who hasn't read it, (not that that's likely...) should get thee to it! *g*

Work news

Feb. 28th, 2008 09:01 pm
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I just picked up a couple of extra conversation classes at the same university that I got a full day's work at starting in April - so that means six classes (1 1/2 days) at that university. Even better the two new classes are in the afternoon, so I can have a late rise mid-week, on Wednesdays. So I have work every weekday from April now as well as Saturday. I might decide to quit my Saturday eikaiwa job since the pay is not so good anyway. I'll keep it for a bit though and see how I cope. At least Wednesdays and Fridays are half days. Whee! Money! I'm excited about the computer classes on Tuesdays too, wherein I can do blogging and group work around PowerPoint ... oh, and the taboos discussion classes on Thursdays - that should be interesting. Nice change from the verb "to be". *g*

In other news, I bicycled out to the big national tax place today and a nice lady helped me do it on the computer there. All done in about 45 minutes. Next off is my three yearly visa renewal, which has come around again.
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Well, I've decided to move to Nagoya. It's more expensive, but I'm sick to death of this dive I'm living in. Sure the rent is great, but I sooo badly need a change to lift my spirits. Tho, the main reason for moving is to cut down on the commuting time. I'm just getting totally worn down by it. Seven years is enough. The only bad thing about the decision is that as soon as I decide to move I finally get some work in this city (Gifu). So I'll have to commute back here at least once a week. But this lioness' share (4 out of 5) days of the work is definitely in Nagoya so it still makes sense to move.

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I have been hibernating for the last 5 days, so not much chance of catching up on the flist. If you've posted anything fic-cy, art-y or otherwise important do let me know! Otherwise I've still got the secret santa fic set as a homepage for instant reading pleasure. I'm barely one third of the way through the list though.

Uh, it's been a Brit Classics Romantic Escapism kind of hibernate. I have only one day left of Holiday/Hibernation.
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I went to the gym today and took a stroll around the neighbourhood. I managed to coax my dying camera battery into a few more snaps before it really bit the dust! And when I say 'coax', I mean 'not take "No" for an answer' *g*. It gasped out a few more and here are the results. Photos for [ profile] sonadorita, [ profile] raptor47 and [ profile] miso_no_tsuki
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I'm off tomorrow - for one day skiing on Saturday. I'll be home Sunday.

Photo meme gakked from [ profile] berlinghoff79 , but I've altered the terms ...

Comment with ideas for three things you want me to photograph. It can be anything from the contents of my fridge (eek!) to the view from my window (but ho ho no, not me! *g*).
I will take the photos, and then upload them for you to look at. One day. In the near future. I think. Remember, I'm in Japan ...
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Good day today. I dragged myself off to the gym (walked) and swam my usual 1k. Lucky me! I had the whole pool to myself, so no battling ojii sans (old men) on my course up and down the lanes. We have to share lanes here ... one lane is two-way and I've been in some collisions in my time *g* Then I walked back and dropped into the coffee shop where I did away with all that "health stuff" and downed a "drowned in cream" Vienna coffee accompanied by rare cheesecake. Started reading Dreams of Speaking by Gail Jones.

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Yes, it was a lovely night! Lots of fun! Especially the dancing, which was all "my era" type music - 70s and 80s mostly. The food was pretty average though. I'd have to say that the nosh at our college's yearly event every June was better, but still it was quite fabulous with everyone dressing up, which doesn't happen at the college dinner.
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ETA: I'll send a pic via email to anyone interested.

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