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My first attempt at handrawn (in combo with digital manipulation) .. oh ... and McPenguins, too ... under the cut.

ETA:These were inspired by [profile] bluespirit_star's absolutely adorable mcshepguins, although a different species of penguin. I'm so sorry I forgot to mention this when I first posted.

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This is an old manip I made, but I have newly superimposed the fleece as a second skin. I love what the shiny, harder, but still supple leather and the woolly, 'creature of comfort' squishiness of fleece say about John and Rodney's personalities.

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I posted this to [ profile] mcfleece, so just reposting here to get my duck down fleeces in a row.

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Hat trick? Triptych? I may have gone slightly insane!

Click on image for full size!

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Heh! I'm on a roll! More McFleece! This time I followed a couple of tutorials for mist and cloud.

Click on the image for full size!

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Thought I'd share this, in the interest of spreading the [ profile] mcfleece love! I like to imagine John (being on duty) is having a hard time resisting just grabbing his cuddly fleecy!Rodney, who is frustratingly seductive with those graceful hands of his! Now what could it be that he is demonstrating, hm?

Click image for full size!

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Christmas Eve was dinner with a friend and her friends, lots of beer, good old McCallan Whiskeys (12 and 18 years old), Veuve Clicquot and some more exotic drinks. Food wasn't all that great though. I'm surprisingly well today, considering what I drank (drank lots of water too) and what with having a cold, but I don't feel like cooking. Luckily, I don't have to! My real Christmas dinner will be tomorrow when I have some of my students (six 18 year old girls) visit. well, I have opened my pressies, and that was a nice little ritual, although much later in the day than usual. I got to bed after 3:00 am, so I didn't get up until late. Now I must get cracking and prepare for my friend L's visit. We are going to snack, and chat, maybe watch a movie. Have a lovely day, my dear f-listers!
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It's a bit early, and I hope to post another card a bit closer to the Day, but just in case ... a very Merry Christmas/Solstice/(insert holiday of choice) to my lovely f-list, from the Boys!!

Greetings from Pegasus


Dec. 19th, 2008 09:44 am
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Thank you to the lovely person who nominated my cover piece made for [ profile] bluespirit_star's An investigation of curved surfaces by John Sheppard for the [ profile] mcshep_awards.

It's my first ever nomination, so I'm thrilled! *does happy dance*

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I really enjoyed Indelible by [ profile] shaenie. It ate my life for most of three days so I was inspired to make a cover.

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