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My first attempt at handrawn (in combo with digital manipulation) .. oh ... and McPenguins, too ... under the cut.

ETA:These were inspired by [profile] bluespirit_star's absolutely adorable mcshepguins, although a different species of penguin. I'm so sorry I forgot to mention this when I first posted.

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This is an old manip I made, but I have newly superimposed the fleece as a second skin. I love what the shiny, harder, but still supple leather and the woolly, 'creature of comfort' squishiness of fleece say about John and Rodney's personalities.

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I posted this to [ profile] mcfleece, so just reposting here to get my duck down fleeces in a row.

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Here's the piece I made for [ profile] beeej for [ profile] sga_art_santa I'm happy my recipient seemed to like it, and I really wanted to try an historical AU this time, so I had fun with it. John and Rodney are set in a Turn of the Century (19th) AU. I like to think they are enmeshed in some spooky mystery - Hound of the Baskervilles style. It's titled Turn of Centuries because Rodney and John's wardrobes are from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, respectively. My original idea was that John had time traveled to Rodney's time and then through their adventures together, fell in love and lust!

ETA: Oops! I am so bad! I forgot to thank my darling beta [ profile] bluespirit_star for her wonderful eye and great advice in improving this! HUGE BUDDY HUGS! This piece would have been not nearly as good without her!

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You can find the Master List here!

Plus, I'm totally snagging back the icon. Waste not, want not! *g*

In other news, I've been following the news with the Vic. bushfires. It's just indescribably awful!

The Hat(s)

Jan. 24th, 2009 10:46 pm
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I had to jump in on the hat fun! Bonus cookies if you can call the album (which has nothing, as far as I know, to do with Aretha Franklin).

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I'm duelling banjos at the moment .. playing the S05E20 aired version in Media Player Classic alongside the pre-air in VLC. Both versions seem to have the same definition but there's a very slight, different colour wash, but they seem more equal with the aired in VLC and the pre-air in MPC . The aired has a greener cast, whereas the pre-air has more magenta, but mostly in earlier scenes involving skin tones.

I swapped them around in the players to make sure and yeah, the skin qualities in the aired have had the pink reduced and they are either greener or whiter and sometimes the uniforms are greener too ... It's splitting hairs maybe, but artists might be interested to know. There're the credits to deal with in the early scenes in the aired, the Sci-Fi logo and an advertising banners for shows as well. In the TEMP VFX scenes, there were a few differences - a couple of smoke plumes were different (maybe?), a bit more red on the outside of a spaceship in one scene, different background colours in a few shots - not really that noticeable unless you are comparing them directly, but there are some subtle differences and SF geeks might like to know.
No one not in SGA will probably even recognise the figures but click for my very blurry impressionist version of a very dark, "unrecoverable" cap from The Shrine"
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Well, it's finished. It's had its highs and lows and I'm going to miss the boys, that's for sure, but not so much what the PTB do with it, so the boys are safe now ... untouchable, except for what OUR porny little minds will do with them *g* and not counting any movies, of course. For that, I'm relieved, as it really did hit some bad patches in S5.

Goodbye Show!John and Rodney! Live long and prosper in fandom!

Here's a quick manippy-pic of a couple of my favourite faces from Echoes.

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I'm not really on time here - 12 hours late but ...

I hope everyone on the much loved f-list
has a wonderful year! *HUGS YOU! *
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Here's a zipped .mp3 of a bbc radio 2 show about Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"called "The Fourth, the Fifth, the Minor Fall", that I came across. The zip includes a pic of The Man himself.

Also, one last gratuitous manip post for the year

Click for full size image!

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Hat trick? Triptych? I may have gone slightly insane!

Click on image for full size!

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Heh! I'm on a roll! More McFleece! This time I followed a couple of tutorials for mist and cloud.

Click on the image for full size!

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Thought I'd share this, in the interest of spreading the [ profile] mcfleece love! I like to imagine John (being on duty) is having a hard time resisting just grabbing his cuddly fleecy!Rodney, who is frustratingly seductive with those graceful hands of his! Now what could it be that he is demonstrating, hm?

Click image for full size!

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You know how once you let something go (as in publish it?) you then feel relaxed enough to play with it ... and sometimes when you do that, the results are better, or at least pleasingly different? ... Yes, I lost the neural interface that was integral to the fic but I played around spiking Sheppard's hair which is always waaay satisfying!! Here are the results of my tinkering (in Sheppard-speak about what McKay does) with my original cover art for ... Indelible. Do go and read it when you have time.

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I really enjoyed Indelible by [ profile] shaenie. It ate my life for most of three days so I was inspired to make a cover.

Indelible )
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Another John Rodney manip ...
Three versions )
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Three 600x manips behind the cut - they're all the same pic - just with different effects and colours.

ETA: Please do not distribute these manips or alter them in any way.

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Good day today. I dragged myself off to the gym (walked) and swam my usual 1k. Lucky me! I had the whole pool to myself, so no battling ojii sans (old men) on my course up and down the lanes. We have to share lanes here ... one lane is two-way and I've been in some collisions in my time *g* Then I walked back and dropped into the coffee shop where I did away with all that "health stuff" and downed a "drowned in cream" Vienna coffee accompanied by rare cheesecake. Started reading Dreams of Speaking by Gail Jones.

After the shopping, )
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Made a S4 manip.

JR Manip )

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