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May. 2nd, 2009 12:31 am
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After work I went to the dentist, who was aghast at my story of fighting fever for two days without painkillers or antibiotics for the infection left after my tooth was pulled and my wild gesticulations demonstrating degrees of pain experienced and my utter bravery in the face of it. When I realised, Doh! I SHOULD have been given a script for some ABs, (I was too much in shock after the extraction to even think about it) I felt like either laughing or crying, so opted for laughing and hamming it up with the dentist and his nurse, whom I managed to get to laugh out loud at the image of hardy old me fighting infection and to a triumphant end with my salty water rinse magic cure! He had no idea about our western home remedy and thought it must have hurt a lot, but I disabused him of that notion! All this humour was helped of course by me further indicating by judicious pointing that I'd picked up the wrong planner (2008) this morning to stick in my bag and so hadn't even brought the communiques for him from the oral surgeon. The nurse was much quicker on the uptake on what I was trying to say there, by the way. Good for her, clever girl!

Still do feel a bit crappy though - I'm pretty sure the infection has not completely gone and when he had a look inside, he was even less pleased. He cleaned it with what looked like betadine and then gave me the ABs himself and insisted I take them. I didn't manage to convince him I'd won the war with the infection - only the first charge, I guess! LOL! Got home, checked all the papers and opened the doctor's mail (nosey me - well it's ABOUT me! and I can't even read it, so I hope he doesn't mind) to see if anything had prescription-y looking papers ... Nope! At least nothing I recognise, so not sure why the hospital sent me off without any.

Got home to an invitation and code from Dreamwidth. Set up the account proper, very quickly, then went out for dinner (Nachos) and met three lovely Americans and we had a roaringly good conversation. I do love meeting nice people like that when it happens. It's so nice sharing with people who have similar background knowledge and you don't have to explain things about Japan (even though I do enjoy that too, when anyone is interested). I just got home and darling [ profile] bluespirit_star has also got DW to send me an invite code, so sweetie if you read this ... thank you so much, *HUMUNGOUS HUGS* but I don't need it now, I think. Not sure if you can re-use it for anyone else. If you can please do go ahead.

I'm beat! The whole dentist debacle has knocked me a bit, even though I kept it light at the time. I'm still not through the infection either, so I'm hitting the hay my dears! Have a lovely day where you are! Golden Week has started here. Yay for a whole week off. I'll be working from home though - so much to do for the job! Yikes! I am going to spend tomorrow being completely lazy though, except maybe for cleaning the apaato and going to the gym. I haven't wanted to exercise all week with the tooth, so it's been long enough without a good swim!

HUGS to the flist!
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I've updated my Profile Page with the few banners I've ever received. Yes, I know, a paltry number, but I'm rather proud of them anyways!

And you should get a load of this! Ah, Nature!

You are what you eat
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I've been noticing these cute little SGA mini-icons around the place and the lovely [ profile] berlinghoff79 linked me up to [ profile] blimey_icons post here.

I snagged John/Rodney (square) but she has another series of all the characters where they are rounded .

Plus, the team! and a puddlejumper *ggg*.

Hee! I'm chuffed! With my pitiful css foo I still managed not to screw it up, although it took me a while to match the background colours in my external stylesheet that show up behind the user names themselves in different sections of my journal.

I wonder if there is anyway using css to use different icons for individual users and the team for communities, for example. I would love that!
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All my customizations have disappeared! No rotating header, no colours, no style sheet.

I don't even think I've got Flexible Squares as the style template. Everything seems intact on the website where I store the headers and css stuff tho.

'Tis a mystery. I swear I didn't touch a thing!
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Well Semagic works but I've accidentally imported entries to IJ twice. Now I have to figure out how to delete the copies.

ETA: I worked it out and used the history function in Semagic to delete them - a bit tedious, but fairly quick considering the alternatives.
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Tagged by [ profile] dopeydora_67 on this meme.

"Rules: Post the explanation of where your username came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged, post the explanation to your page."

So, I'm not really a girly-girl, feminine type woman and for some weird reason I wanted to make that implicit in my username. I definitely have plenty of yang along with yin. But I also like Greek mythology and my first impulse on getting an LJ account was to go in that direction. I wanted something which had a sense of Ancient Greece, something elegant, but which also accommodated the dual sense of gender identity. Pondering these two aspects, I remembered an interesting mythical Greek character referenced in an XF fic that rocked my world back in 1998/99. The fic was Oklahoma by Amperage and Livengoo and the Greek figure of myth was Tiresias.

Then two spanners in the works! The first was that [ profile] tiresias was already taken. That was actually OK with me. I wasn't sure I wanted the "T" beginning it. Individual letters resonate for me so I was particular, especially about the first one. I wanted something with "L" because that's the letter that starts my name in RL, so liresias it was (or was going to be).

BUT then I misspelt it subtituting "u" for the "a". *facepalm* I did look in my New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology (given to me in 1981) to check the spelling at the time, but couldn't find it - the print is really small, the pages are old, yellowed and watermarked from going through a flood. So I went with the "u". The "u-turn" *g* was fortuitous though because

1. I don't have any "a"s in my RL name, so it wasn't crucial to my happiness with my name. I'm more partial to "u" than "a" (as both shape and sound) and
2. when I made my second email account with my server shortly after, I had certain options following the @ mark, so I could shape us@t (UST!). With the "L" one can make the leap to, which seemed rather appropriate given my preoccupation with slash *ggg*.

I also greatly amused myself with the sign of the womb-like @ inserted into the UST. Sex for pleasure vs sex for procreative purposes? I was having fun being provocative - semiotically that is, with us@t. Not that anyone else would have got the particular historical dichotomy! It's a bit obscure these days. LOL!

So, Voila! [ profile] liresius I did belatedly snag [ profile] liresias too though, just in case I ever decided I wanted it, but I've never used it. I've stuck with this one and I'm happy with it.

So I'm not quite tagging 10, but because I have no idea about these usernames ... I'm curious.

[ profile] berlinghoff79 [ profile] causette [ profile] cassanlynx [ profile] lavvyan [ profile] lilithilien (I can guess where the "Ithilien" comes from *g*) [ profile] mandragora1 [ profile] tarlanx and [ profile] xanthelj What's the deal?

I'd also love to hear from/about anyone, really! Please feel free to make grabby hands!
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Thank you wonderful friends for all your good wishes on my birthday! And the pressies too. I'm chuffed!

I got a very snazzy icon *points* of our favourite boys from the ever talented [ profile] berlinghoff79, a picspam of the boys from dearest [ profile] bluespirit_star, a so very apt fanart piece of our favourite Uber!Geeks from [ profile] miso_no_tsuki and the very warmest wishes from [ profile] sonadorita, [ profile] tarlanx and [ profile] lilithilien

I had a pretty normal day but treated myself to a ten course (Gasp!! Don't worry! *g* Courses are tiny here in Japan) dinner of the most sublimely delicate flavours and over a 24 hour period I voraciously consumed a novel my Mum had sent me for my birthday. *Sigh* I hardly get to read novels - only between semesters, so this was a real treat. I felt replete!

I also indulged myself with a permanent account and I'm so looking forward to having fun with those extra icons!!

HUGS to you all!
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*Waves* to flist

I'm sure you'll all be relieved to hear that my gumnut_baby incest default icon *pointsup* has so far *g* survived the purge. It looks like the heat is off now with the many journal and comm reinstatements[site community profile] dw_news . 

Don't ask me how I got overlooked *shrugs* ... especially with that incriminating subheader "Where Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Find True Love (Together!)".

The mind boggles ... with baby-brother, incest slash, I was sure I was a marked woman. But then maybe LJ Abuse missed my 100 word default icon drabble on "baby, h/c love" ... and hey! That was my first EVAH published fic! I'm totally insulted! *g*

More seriously, my heart is warmed by the [profile] fandom_counts  numbers. When I left for work this morning member count was at around 29600 something. It was well over a 1000 more by the time I got home this evening taking us above the 30000 mark. I honestly hadn't expected it to keep climbing today because I joined at about the 17000 count and I feel like I'm always the last one to know anything! LOL!

I'm also kind of pleased that the responses hit max on Barak's posts and commenters hijacked the next most recent message (about birthday notifications). Fandom runneth over!

Not that I agree with a lot of the vitriol that has been hurled, or the ideas of mass defection to other journal blogs. I think it's better to stay, work it out, and in the process, with both LJ and these shady vigilante groups try to bridge the gaps in understanding (well maybe these groups are not really worth it?). I don't say that because of their ideals, but more their methods and lack of professionalism). It's BETTER if they know who we are and we explain our case and they learn the distinctions. I was very surprised Lj acted in such a knee-jerk way though. They've come down quite a way in my thinking - I had expected more professionalism from their end too - more smarts.

There's just too much to comment on, so I won't, but feel free to mention any aspects close to the heart/mind.

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I'm probably the last one to realise this but LJ has turned on Notifications for friend's birthdays. "For they are jolly good fellows ...! Hip! Hip! Hooray!"
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Snagged from [ profile] dopeydora_67

Interests collage (not image heavy) ... obviously I need to update/broaden my interests lol

collage )
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Well, I finally worked out how to do rotating headers! Yay!

Many thanks to [ profile] bluespirit_star for the inspiration to try it, [ profile] causette for her tutorial here at [ profile] caugraphics and [ profile] wraithfodder for putting me onto the images @ which make up most of the headers.

Truly, I stand on the shoulders of giants (in SGA geekdom)! *g* Yay and many thanks to you!

There's only 8 SGA headers so far and my Scribbly Gum Bark one which goes with the overall theme, but I'm sure I'll have fun adding more.
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The Sydney Festival has just been on and my Mum went to see the stage adaptation of the May Gibbs Australian children's classic "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie". Mum said it was fabulous, and it's made me homesick for things Australian. So I've changed the look of my journal. read more )
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WooHoo! I finally worked out how to load a header to my journal *pointsup*.

I'm pleased with it although I now wonder where my day has gone ... *g*

Here's the first version I made (and the faces are more in proportion), but it was shorter than it could have been.

title or description

Feel free to snag, but a comment and credit would be nice! :-)

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