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I watched this vid of Joe that [ profile] sgamadison had linked too. In comments, I mentioned that my jaw had dropped when Joe said, 'And then I start bonking ...' LOL! [ profile] vida_boheme wanted an audio of that one sentence, so here it is, zipped on MGU.

And then I start bonking and um ...
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Some weirdo *looks shiftily at [ profile] koushirouhan* *g* found a two year old post of my caps of Joe F. in Thought Crimes. Joe in a suit and tie should be squeed about forever and to that aim I have reuploaded, although it took me a while to locate them on my badly organized hard drive :D

The zip is 4MB and the caps are not HiRes or anything fabulous, but they are ok for icon making. Hugs to [ profile] bluespirit_star for the original file! You can see some samples On my original post

On Media Fire AND for good measure

on MGU.
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Some icons from 4 similar caps of John Sheppard from a moment in 5:03 ~ Broken Ties

RULES and icons ahoy! )
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Pic from The Last Man )
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I've uploaded 245 Hi Res zipped screencaps of The Last Man. They're 1280x720. Some have a logo. Most are of John or Rodney, but there are quite a few other caps as well ... can I be blamed if I concentrated on the black bandanna of love? *g*.

You can download the zip at Megaupload
Black bandanna bandito )
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Well, I'm a bit late for the birthday party, but thought I'd post these anyway.

There are 162 screencaps of JF in a zipfile hosted on Media Fire here. Comments are love!

and caps of Joe behind the cut )

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