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Look what I got! [ profile] saldemonium made me a wallpaper! Isn't it lovely? I think woobie!Rodney is waiting for John to come rescue him and fretful!John is worrying his airforce socks off about where the heck Rodney has got to, and is he hurt?! Clearly, and eventually, Rodney will need lots of kisses to make his bruises better, and John's devotion to duty will include covering Rodney's whole body with 'kiss-it-better' kisses *g*

Click on image for full size!

And [ profile] bluespirit_star made me my very own icon *points at post icon* from her wonderful Mile marker 36 ~ Montana 'verse, in which the boys spend lots of happy holiday time together taking snaps of themselves, groping each other's bum and gay cavorting in the snow *g*

I also grabbed this one too! Yay for bum groping in the snow! *ducks and hopes Bluespirit doesn't hit me on the head before she replies*

*Hugs you, lovely ladies*

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Hee! I tied for 2nd place with [ profile] froggy_freek

Banner 2nd Place

Here are the ones I made at the time of the challenge, some of which I submitted, some not. Free to good homes ... Just comment if you want to take.

Icon meme

Dec. 10th, 2008 11:40 am
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Snurched from various people ...

Icon Meme )
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Some icons from 4 similar caps of John Sheppard from a moment in 5:03 ~ Broken Ties

RULES and icons ahoy! )


Apr. 9th, 2008 02:41 am
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Top Gear ...

What's this look like? Too pale/light/blurry? How would you change it? I'm totally open to ideas!

The child rang tonight and we had a good chat for an hour. Main topic - the Olympic Torch shamozzle! Go Protesters! ... and my Mum :( on which topic there is no change in my thinking.

Interview with the President of the school for my full time job tomorrow at 1:45. I hemmed and ironed my new trousers in prep. Got my apartment in order - all clean! Then made potato salad for dinner, with baby greens :-)
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I was sick of my Rodney icons ... made a couple more. Still haven't mastered the happy Rodney icon *g*

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I've been noticing these cute little SGA mini-icons around the place and the lovely [ profile] berlinghoff79 linked me up to [ profile] blimey_icons post here.

I snagged John/Rodney (square) but she has another series of all the characters where they are rounded .

Plus, the team! and a puddlejumper *ggg*.

Hee! I'm chuffed! With my pitiful css foo I still managed not to screw it up, although it took me a while to match the background colours in my external stylesheet that show up behind the user names themselves in different sections of my journal.

I wonder if there is anyway using css to use different icons for individual users and the team for communities, for example. I would love that!
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Heh, yes, I know that NOT THIS many people requested icons ... okay, I'll admit it! I kinda went crazy making so many but I've been looking for an excuse to use Ze Icon Table Generator for ages, so that's why ...

but see, here's the thing .. some piece of my heart went into the "Need You ..." manips and I want anyone who does perchance, want an icon to feel like it's a personal present ... that it's their's ...
Also, monitors are so different and sometimes icons look darker/lighter depending on resolution, so that's why the icons aren't extraordinarily creative but are basically only three crops, yet all are slightly different opacity/rendering/selective colour wise. I wanted to stay within a range that was faithful to the manips, but each one IS unique.

So these are the RULES ... please read carefully!

1. Comment on the one(s) you want on this post. If you're the first to claim it (them).. then it's your's and only your's ... (if you want more than one, you might have to deal ...)
2. No credit necessary because it's a gift.
3. If the one you want is claimed, and you want something like it but a bit more .../ a bit less ... / with / without text ... then just ask me. I'll do my best.
4 These are NOT BASES. Please don't alter them - I purposely didn't want to make them too "arty".

ETA: There's only 16, 17, 29 and 33 left, if I'm not mistaken.

Need You icons )
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Well, I've decided to move to Nagoya. It's more expensive, but I'm sick to death of this dive I'm living in. Sure the rent is great, but I sooo badly need a change to lift my spirits. Tho, the main reason for moving is to cut down on the commuting time. I'm just getting totally worn down by it. Seven years is enough. The only bad thing about the decision is that as soon as I decide to move I finally get some work in this city (Gifu). So I'll have to commute back here at least once a week. But this lioness' share (4 out of 5) days of the work is definitely in Nagoya so it still makes sense to move.

The good news is ... )
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Good day today. I dragged myself off to the gym (walked) and swam my usual 1k. Lucky me! I had the whole pool to myself, so no battling ojii sans (old men) on my course up and down the lanes. We have to share lanes here ... one lane is two-way and I've been in some collisions in my time *g* Then I walked back and dropped into the coffee shop where I did away with all that "health stuff" and downed a "drowned in cream" Vienna coffee accompanied by rare cheesecake. Started reading Dreams of Speaking by Gail Jones.

After the shopping, )
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I've not been on LJ that much lately and have been a bit busy as well, so I missed all the birthdays!

So Happy Birthdays to

[ profile] zooz, [ profile] mangst, [ profile] tazzles and [ profile] orandream.

I hope you guys each had a wonderful day in your respective parts of the world *hugs*

I went to an art exhibition yesterday. Painters from the Meiji and Taisho era. It was interesting to see the influence of European movements in art impact on the Japanese artists' work. Totally weird to view flappers and geisha side by side in the same piece *g*. I bought a book so I'll try to get some of the pictures scanned and post them.

Also I just wanted to use my new icon! Hee!


Sep. 19th, 2007 10:43 am
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I won at [ profile] jf_icontest and dear [ profile] berlinghoff79 [ profile] sonadorita made some banners. Thank you sweetie! I shared Third Place with [ profile] casett and am still recovering from the shock of winning anything!

Thanks go to the mods at [ profile] jf_icontest for all their hard work.

Also, my A Dog's Breakfast is on the way. Yippee! (I haven't seen it yet, so I'm looking forward to watching it, finally!)
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Hope you have a fabulous day
and all your wishes come true!

It's only just turned 12:00 midnight on the 28th here ... but I guess it's the 27th at least somewhere near you *g*

Here's a little pressie for you.

Flist meme

Jul. 5th, 2007 12:50 am
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gakked from [ profile] grey853 and [ profile] bluespirit_star A wondrous mix of interests and art in them there icons *gg*!

friends' icons )
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Have been playing around with the new PS CS2 and it's been fun! There's not a huge difference between PSP and PS, although of course there is the selective colour thingy. I played around with the latter making this Red-Eyed Tree frog icon, and made a manip of The Doctor and the Captain from the Confidential 'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello (no selective colour in that though).

manip here )
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Woo! I made 32 mood theme icons today and learned how to install them ... they're all "Rodney faces" except for one of John and Rodney ("enthralled") and one of David from ADB ("recumbent").

I also installed IE Version 7. Microsoft have finally caught up to Opera with the tabs and gone one better - linking them to the favourites folder, so I might have to change over, although I feel disloyal, if that's even a sensible reaction! I also have to get used to going high with the mouse to switch tabs! It's annoying, as Opera's weren't quite so high. My poor wrist! LOL!

sample mood icons here )
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Yay! I finally worked out how to do snowing icons in Jasc (PSP8) Animation Shop! [ profile] berlinghoff79's lovely icon present *gazes besottedly at comment post icon* gave me another push to tackle it!

<br />Snowing

For this one I used textures courtesy of [ profile] fluffy_monsterand [ profile] yumei_k

Also, congratulations to all the McShep Awards winners. I was so pleased to see some of my favourite authors and artists either win or come in as runner up! I'm especially pleased for Xanthe and Bluespirit but also ... likethekoschka, lillyjk, lavvyan, mmmchelle and others. Well done, and very deserving!

Also big thanks to [ profile] forcryinoutloudfor organizing and running the whole show. I can imagine the work involved and I just love the banners ... and thanks to whoever made them as well! They're beautiful.
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Look what the lovely and talented [ profile] berlinghoff79 made me!! Thank you sweetie!

title or description

John is wearing the muffler that Rodney gave him for Christmas, and he looks so sexy in it.

I am so pleased! *twirlshappily*

Really, this has made my Christmas, as I've felt so frustrated trying to make a snowing icon myself!
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I thought this was kind of fun. Gakked from [ profile] forlornhope42

Patchwork of my LJ Friends )

Try out this Meme

Brought to you by BearPodcast.


Apr. 5th, 2006 10:24 pm
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Well, I don't know if you got the first two tries, 'cos I posted a new entry as a reply to my second entry in the journal, accidentally! *plams face* - No! That's not a spelling error *g*

Sorry if you get this again, but here goes...

I made a few icons today and I want to try an ljcut! My first two failed!

See the image addresses here )

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