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I got tagged by [ profile] tarlanx and [ profile] orandream, so obviously you guys would be on the list *hugs*, but since you've been tagged already, I thought I should spread it around.

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own

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Thank you!

Feb. 15th, 2009 01:47 pm
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I didn't take part in [ profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day Game How slack am I?

I wouldn't have even gone over I think, to check, but [ profile] malnpudl posted saying,

but a whole bunch of YOU are on there. Including a number of you who I suspect will be astonished to see your names on the list. So go look. No, really; I did mean YOU.

And I WAS astonished to see my name on the list! Completely unexpected! Thank you so much to the dear friend who wrote "Thank you for being such a wonderful friend *hearts you*

The sentiment is very much returned. Here's a quick little pic to thank you, dear friend! *Hugs*

John and Rodney Valentine
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Look what I got! [ profile] saldemonium made me a wallpaper! Isn't it lovely? I think woobie!Rodney is waiting for John to come rescue him and fretful!John is worrying his airforce socks off about where the heck Rodney has got to, and is he hurt?! Clearly, and eventually, Rodney will need lots of kisses to make his bruises better, and John's devotion to duty will include covering Rodney's whole body with 'kiss-it-better' kisses *g*

Click on image for full size!

And [ profile] bluespirit_star made me my very own icon *points at post icon* from her wonderful Mile marker 36 ~ Montana 'verse, in which the boys spend lots of happy holiday time together taking snaps of themselves, groping each other's bum and gay cavorting in the snow *g*

I also grabbed this one too! Yay for bum groping in the snow! *ducks and hopes Bluespirit doesn't hit me on the head before she replies*

*Hugs you, lovely ladies*

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It's a bit early, and I hope to post another card a bit closer to the Day, but just in case ... a very Merry Christmas/Solstice/(insert holiday of choice) to my lovely f-list, from the Boys!!

Greetings from Pegasus
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Hope you have a fabulous day
and all your wishes come true!

It's only just turned 12:00 midnight on the 28th here ... but I guess it's the 27th at least somewhere near you *g*

Here's a little pressie for you.

Flist meme

Jul. 5th, 2007 12:50 am
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gakked from [ profile] grey853 and [ profile] bluespirit_star A wondrous mix of interests and art in them there icons *gg*!

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Thank you wonderful friends for all your good wishes on my birthday! And the pressies too. I'm chuffed!

I got a very snazzy icon *points* of our favourite boys from the ever talented [ profile] berlinghoff79, a picspam of the boys from dearest [ profile] bluespirit_star, a so very apt fanart piece of our favourite Uber!Geeks from [ profile] miso_no_tsuki and the very warmest wishes from [ profile] sonadorita, [ profile] tarlanx and [ profile] lilithilien

I had a pretty normal day but treated myself to a ten course (Gasp!! Don't worry! *g* Courses are tiny here in Japan) dinner of the most sublimely delicate flavours and over a 24 hour period I voraciously consumed a novel my Mum had sent me for my birthday. *Sigh* I hardly get to read novels - only between semesters, so this was a real treat. I felt replete!

I also indulged myself with a permanent account and I'm so looking forward to having fun with those extra icons!!

HUGS to you all!
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*Waves* to flist

I'm sure you'll all be relieved to hear that my gumnut_baby incest default icon *pointsup* has so far *g* survived the purge. It looks like the heat is off now with the many journal and comm reinstatements[site community profile] dw_news . 

Don't ask me how I got overlooked *shrugs* ... especially with that incriminating subheader "Where Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Find True Love (Together!)".

The mind boggles ... with baby-brother, incest slash, I was sure I was a marked woman. But then maybe LJ Abuse missed my 100 word default icon drabble on "baby, h/c love" ... and hey! That was my first EVAH published fic! I'm totally insulted! *g*

More seriously, my heart is warmed by the [profile] fandom_counts  numbers. When I left for work this morning member count was at around 29600 something. It was well over a 1000 more by the time I got home this evening taking us above the 30000 mark. I honestly hadn't expected it to keep climbing today because I joined at about the 17000 count and I feel like I'm always the last one to know anything! LOL!

I'm also kind of pleased that the responses hit max on Barak's posts and commenters hijacked the next most recent message (about birthday notifications). Fandom runneth over!

Not that I agree with a lot of the vitriol that has been hurled, or the ideas of mass defection to other journal blogs. I think it's better to stay, work it out, and in the process, with both LJ and these shady vigilante groups try to bridge the gaps in understanding (well maybe these groups are not really worth it?). I don't say that because of their ideals, but more their methods and lack of professionalism). It's BETTER if they know who we are and we explain our case and they learn the distinctions. I was very surprised Lj acted in such a knee-jerk way though. They've come down quite a way in my thinking - I had expected more professionalism from their end too - more smarts.

There's just too much to comment on, so I won't, but feel free to mention any aspects close to the heart/mind.

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I'm probably the last one to realise this but LJ has turned on Notifications for friend's birthdays. "For they are jolly good fellows ...! Hip! Hip! Hooray!"
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Gakked from [ profile] dopeydora_67 I tweaked the code to get me some John and Rodney *g*

On the twelfth day of Christmas, liresius sent to me...
Twelve hot_x_bunnys drumming
Eleven mandragora1s piping
Ten iadorespikes a-leaping
Nine snufflz_slashs dancing
Eight likethekoschkas a-milking
Seven shrewreaders a-swimming
Six flyingnorths a-laying
Five xa-a-a-anthestories
Four lantean_drifts
Three bluespirit_stars
A Pair of John and Rodney
...and bdsm in xanthelj.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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I thought this was kind of fun. Gakked from [ profile] forlornhope42

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