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I'm duelling banjos at the moment .. playing the S05E20 aired version in Media Player Classic alongside the pre-air in VLC. Both versions seem to have the same definition but there's a very slight, different colour wash, but they seem more equal with the aired in VLC and the pre-air in MPC . The aired has a greener cast, whereas the pre-air has more magenta, but mostly in earlier scenes involving skin tones.

I swapped them around in the players to make sure and yeah, the skin qualities in the aired have had the pink reduced and they are either greener or whiter and sometimes the uniforms are greener too ... It's splitting hairs maybe, but artists might be interested to know. There're the credits to deal with in the early scenes in the aired, the Sci-Fi logo and an advertising banners for shows as well. In the TEMP VFX scenes, there were a few differences - a couple of smoke plumes were different (maybe?), a bit more red on the outside of a spaceship in one scene, different background colours in a few shots - not really that noticeable unless you are comparing them directly, but there are some subtle differences and SF geeks might like to know.
No one not in SGA will probably even recognise the figures but click for my very blurry impressionist version of a very dark, "unrecoverable" cap from The Shrine"
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Listing of NCIS headslaps that I know of and where they are in the eps - mainly for my own reference under the cut ... )

Top Gear

Jul. 28th, 2008 08:42 pm
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Oh Top Gear seasons are TOO SHORT! Only Six eps! but they are hugely long so that offsets it I guess! *hugs those guys anyway*

It was a great season. Lots of Japan stuff! I went to Ishikawa last year - where they started the Nissan GTR versus the shinkansen race from.

And the Axis versus Allies Powers Challenge in this last ep had me laughing my head off ~ esp. all the nods to WWII films like The Great Escape (James May dumping gravel down his trouser leg on the race track was hilarious *g*) and that one that I can never remember the name of where there was an en masse escape of POW soccer players from a match put on by the Germans. Hee!

I also liked the two guest star drivers - a bit of a variation on previous years. Oh it's too long to wait for next year! *whines*
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I'm in the middle of watching Top Gear's Winter special - The Toyota versus sledge race to the North pole and Jeremy says, "Meanwhile, James is breaking out the "Elevenses" (chocolate)"

My question is ... is "Elevenses" strictly Jeremy just having fun reffing LotR, or has "Elevenses" always been part of English "meals" culture? I always thought it was just Tolkien adding in another meal, cos we all know what food aficionados the hobbits are, but maybe ... no?
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Here's 50 zipped HD screencaps of the first scene in Quarantine ... you know, that one where John's heart gets broken?


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A few thoughts on the season opener!

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Another fabulous episode! I'm wondering when they are going to peak! It seems unbelievable that they are just keep scaling up.

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What a brilliant ep! Yay! The Captain is back. I was rocked by the Doctor's sternness with Jack, reigning in his every greeting to any lovely thing he came across. How was he with that hunky guy in the bunker? *g* and with Chantho? Jack's mock petulant "Can't I say hello to anyone?" followed by his all too knowing lascivious grin! Guh ... so much slashy sub text in their interactions. Captain Jack is so much better in DW than Torchwood. He was sent way off track character-wise in the latter, and I'm pathetically grateful TPTB have reprised him as his previously charming, flirty (and a bit naughty) self!
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I've seen all of S2, so the following comments should be read in that context. Behind the cut are my thoughts (and spoilers) on Runner )

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