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Boy, I had a marathon last night and today.

The Finale of Torchwood S2 Exit Wounds , )

Cloverfield )

Doctor Who S04E01 Partners in Crime  )

Across the Universe )
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LOL! That was so ...

funny )
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A few thoughts on the season opener!

... and image heavy JR picspam here )
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Whoo! I love my show still ... read more )

There's a .zip file of about 75 caps (mostly of John, Rodney and the SFX) here

and a few caps here )
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Review for SGA 3x17 Sunday here )
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My two bob's worth on The Ark here )
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McKay and Mrs Miller review! This is the best ever episode, which is probably why I felt so daunted about writing anything, and why it's taken so long. There’s almost too much to talk about, so be warned … this is a ponderous tome … *evil grin* here be ponderous tome )
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SGA review ~ The Return – it’s long …and behind the cut here )
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My two bobs worth on Phantoms here )
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Here are my thoughts on The Real World )
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Progeny Review here )
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Episode Review for Sateda here )

Thank you

Aug. 2nd, 2006 08:58 am
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Imagine my surprise waking up yesterday morning to find my Irresistible episode review in [ profile] sga_newsletter. I have no idea how these mysterious things happen, but if it was someone on my flist, then *bighugs* to you. Actually, I'm a bit shy about wider distribution (yes, I almost had a heart attack *g*) and I didn't think this review was particularly insightful or original, so I immediately edited it, of course LOL!! Anyway, if it WAS someone I know, thanks for the gentle push ... and please let me know if it was you ;-)so I can thank you more personally!
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Review for Irresistible and some mention (spoiler) of Pegasus Project secret longings )
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Review for Misbegotten )

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