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Wow, it's been 15 months since I posted! How are you all, my friends? Hope all is well with you.

I had a good year last year. From August, my son had some emotional issues to work through and he decided to give up drinking, so I did too, to support him, but also for my own well-being. In our numerous skype convos we got onto healthy diets and the end result is I have lost 23-4 kilos! I am so glad to have done this. I feel so much better physically and emotionally/mentally.

I cut out everything processed, basically. Kept it to fresh fruit and veges, my own cold-pressed vegetable juice, my own home-baked whole grain bread and sometimes some whole grains like brown rice or quinoa or meat with dinner. Smaller meals and I don't eat lunch usually - just an apple or my own juice (no time to sit and enjoy a meal anyway). I still have a bit of cheese and a couple of olives most days when I get home and some chocolate after dinner (favourite being 70% cacao).

I have also developed an addiction to good coffees - flavoured and one-origin coffees, so I'm having fun grinding my own beans and brewing up every morning. At the moment I'm trying out African coffees. This morning it was Burundi Kirimiro. The other day it was Tanzanian Peaberry and before that, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. All very tasty, though so far I like the Burundi coffee best.

I also increased my gym regime from just swimming 2 or 3 times a week to doing the machines as well, so I spend about 2 hours there 3-4 times a week. Feel so much more energy every day. It's great!

The down side of this of course is that nothing FITS! I have thrown out basically my whole wardrobe in dribs and drabs and have had to replace it. Not cheap, but I have discovered some great online sites for shopping in Japan, in the process!

I had a couple of visits during the summer last year. My friend Barb and her sister came over and I got to see Koya san with them. Mum came over a month after they left and we went to Takayama and Osaka. It really made the difference to my year seeing people I care about come visit me!

Seeing [profile] bluespirit_star's lovely Princess Buttercup costume (fabulous first attempt at sewing!), put me in mind of the Halloween costume I made last year - a generic Autumn Fairy Queen costume I took from concept to reality. Of course that corset and 3 or 4 others I have bought at various times in the past don't fit now, so I am wondering what to do about that. What a waste of money. Oh well!

I am also currently seeing the dentist a lot - he is taking out all the old (pre-japan) amalgam and (mid-japan) metal crowns. I told him I want white teeth! So that is an on-going project.

I have been watching quite a few shows of course - the usual suspects like the Big Bang Theory, but also House of Cards, The Blacklist, Wolf Hall, Bad Education, Modern Family, Outlander, Mr Selfridge, Happy Valley, The Fall, Hinterland, Shetland (I like the locales and accents of the latter two, not so much the police procedural, itself) and GoT, now that it has started again, even though I'm not so enamoured of it.

Anyway, again, I hope you are all doing fine and having a good year. Mine is busy and a bit stressful at work, but going well.
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