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It feels like a very long time since I wrote anything here. Have had a good summer - started out strongly with lots of exercise, some decisions about eating, diet and life style, which have temporarily taken a dive out the window due to travels in Australia (got some finance sorted out there) and then a conference in Seoul. I will get back to those major life changing choices though.

I have frittered away the last week on my professional website and being a general slacker.

I watched Lovelace - then I had to watch Deep Throat of course. I have never watched vid porn (except for the odd occasion I stumbled upon it) (just an avid reader of fanfic slash porn), but I wasn't at ALL shocked. Actually I am wondering if Sarsgard's reluctance to play the Traynor role is not a bit disingenuous since he has played lots of scumbags before.

I am so glad I am not that young and naive anymore but I am more concerned there are still predators abounding and with the different ideas that the younger gen are growing up with as a result of exposure to internet porn, I worry about the sexual violence towards women in that and what passes for standard or acceptable behaviour. Does the world actually get better for women? Sometimes I have to wonder despite a sense of complacency that generally, it does.
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