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I had a wonderful trip to Australia - 8 days and I rented a car for 4 days, so I did a lot of traveling around early each day before checking in with my students after they had finished lessons at the University of Western Australia each afternoon. There was a bit of rain on some days, but generally it was glorious weather and such amazing blue skies!

I also saw my son a lot, met his girlfriend and caught up with his flatmate Paul for the 2nd time. We had some good times. I had dinner with an ex-colleague from Japan - we had re-connected when they came to Japan last winter and we went skiing together then. I also did my clothes shopping early and on the last couple of days of the trip, so I had lots of time in between for travel.

One major trip involved a 2 hour drive to a National Park north of Perth, colloquially known as the Pinnacles (in Nambung NP). It is basically desert country but the wildflowers were all around and I saw some galahs and even an emu (although I didn't manage to catch a pic of the latter).

Here is a flikr photostream of just a few of my pics of the Nambung / Pinnacles day trip.

Nambung and the Pinnacles

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