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Wow, it's been ages since I posted! Better fix that!

Am at home most days, it being Spring vacation … my herniated disc (lower back) is giving me hell - it is scary when it takes 10 minutes to actually get upright from a position laying down on my futon (especially when you have a full bladder motivating that getting upright), but on the plus side I have now mastered the skill of putting socks on with my feet! Hee! Gosh, my calf muscles were killing me for a few days after relying on them so heavily to squat down for things and then get up again since they were the only muscles I could use to get upright. Back muscles/spine are just so assumed, that when you can't use them you are really up the creek!

Whoo whoo! I got a Kindle Touch so have been busily filling it up with SGA fic, free classics from Project Gutenberg and I have even stumbled on the Sherlock/John Paradox Series, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I think I still prefer reading on the Mac though - the Kindle is just for traveling or when I can't sit any longer due to my back, and have to walk. Does anyone have any links for good long sherlock/john fic? I am loving the Sherlock series and gnashing my teeth at waiting until 2013 for the 3rd series to start filming!

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