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I think I am just writing this because I can ... I have the time! There is nothing momentous in this post - just yabbering on! *grins* I woke up this morning to a coverlet of snow to cool a hobbit's toes! Not common in Nagoya with so much concrete and the many cars to melt away snow.

There are even a few tiny flakes still falling.

I am really excited about the Christmas Day Doctor Who Special! I haz it precious, yeeeessssss! Is there anything else exciting on BBC for Christmas that I should know about?

Like Bluespirit, it is a bit of a tradition for me to re-watch The Lord of the Rings (Extended Editions of course!) at this time of year. I think my player is on the way out though as it has glitched badly a couple of times on tTT and it's been impossible to watch certain scenes. It just STOPS there and won't budge. I have to reload and jump to a chapter beyond the glitch point - the dvd looks perfect though, so ...? Update: Well tTT made it to the end without further glitching, but I missed most of the Entmoot and Merry and Pippin doing their grow tall thing :-( RotK will have to take a back seat while I watch Dr Who!

Mum didn't end up skypeing me yesterday since she couldn't see me on line, although I was. I ended up skypeing my sister though and having a nice chat then calling Mum on her land line so I connected with the women of the family. Today mum promises she will skype again when my brother and uncle are there. Mum sent me socks! (I asked for them *g*), two books - a children's book Gangsta Granny by David Walliams which I read in about 90 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed. (I don't mind the odd young readers book. Being a teacher, it is useful to keep up with kids books and for my students (young adults Extensive Readers), although I don't think I can recommend it to them - not sure they would get the poo and wee humour that little boys can enjoy. The other is The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, which also looks interesting. I think she was thrilled with the chiffon cake pan she wanted and tickled by the other odds and sods I tossed in from "Loft", a department store here in Japan.

More turkey and vege soup today! I think I will steam up one of the Plum pudds, since yesterday I was a glutton for mincemeat tarts with clotted cream. Pudding yesterday would have been overkill! I felt bloated as it was. I will have to go to the shop for milk to make custard. It seems like I buy a fresh packet of custard powder every year, use it once at Christmas and then toss it out a year later! LOL! Hope you all had a lovely day!... Have a nice Boxing Day everyone!

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