May. 4th, 2012

liresius: (Japan - Ando Hiroshige)
I am having a lovely GW! After my part time afternoon job on Monday arvo, I had the whole week spread before me!
On Tuesday my seminar student came to visit and we made a chocolate cake (packet mix, sadly but we spiced it up with almonds and cardomom). She had never iced a cake so I assigned her that task with some guidance. She was chuffed to have done it! We had a lovely time chatting and eating.

I loafed off on Wednesday, then yesterday went to Heiwa (Peace) Park for a picnic with a girlfriend/work colleague. It was a glorious day with scudding clouds and we even discovered a eucalyptus forest the park people were growing in plastic hot houses - poor things - they looked rather chopped off and not at all natural in their shape. There were also some wattle (golden) which made me a little sad for home. Then after that, a nice hot coffee  and home made cheesecake in a coffee shop on the way home. It was such a relaxing day and lovely to be out!

Today, I treated myself with nail manicure and pedicure, plus nail art - waaay too expensive, but I didn't care! I loved the whole treatment - being massaged and coddled for an hour and a half. Then it was down to the hairdressers where I got a cut - of course a cut means shampoo and shoulder massage too, so I feel very pampered right now. I am colouring my hair right now and might go out for the night.

Tomorrow the same friend from the picnic on Tuesday and I are off to the countryside/mountains for a BBQ and digging up some takenoko (bamboo shoots) on my friend's friend's mountainside of bamboo forest. I am really looking forward to it!

Hope my flist is having a wonderful week!

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