Dec. 25th, 2011

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It's Christmas morning here in Japan! I know it is still coming for many of you, but just thought I'd pop in with some good wishes for my flist! Have a lovely Christmas season for those who celebrate it! ♥ ♥ ♥

I am having a quiet but nice day. My Mum and brother are likely to skype me in a while, so we can chat. I made up a huge pot of soupy stew from the turkey carcass remains of the Student's Christmas party. It was the first time for me to carve a turkey, actually!

Also went into my local foreign foods shop and picked up my Christmas pudd (Walkers brand from Scotland). They specially got them in for me from the Shizuoka City store which is about a 100 km away since they had sold out in Nagoya earlier. I had gone in three nights ago to buy one they told me they had sold out. I put on a sad act/face and told them my Christmas would be very SAaaaaaaD! They even asked me if I wanted the small or large ... one or two? so of course I went for the large and ordered two! The shop people were wonderful! The guy I spoke to on Wednesday even recognised me when I walked in and he recalled my name instantly (I had an official order form with my name on it, so he knew it from that).
As for my pot of soup/stew ... yummy comfort food! I think I will be living on it for days, it is so huge!!

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