Aug. 28th, 2011

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Back from a lovely week in Perth, Australia. I took the students over and they seem pretty happy there, mostly. Caught up with family. Mum caught the Indian Pacific over. It was cold in Perth but warm in the sun. Beautiful blue skies. Mum and I stumbled on an All Male Voice choir performance in the Perth Town Hall the first night and we caught a 5 minute ferry to the other side of the Swan River to watch the city lights come on. I was impressed with both the modern skyline and the way the historic buildings have been kept in Perth - not torn down for the march of modernity. We visited Fremantle Port and the original prison, The Round House, based on Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon design. We also took in the Art Gallery and saw Cowboys and Aliens (terrible!).

After Mum went home, I rented a car for one day and went up to the Gravity Discovery Centre, which I had heard about on my radio podcast of The Science Show and Yanchep National Park, north of Perth. On the way back I drove down to the coastline of Joondalup - cold blue ocean and rocks. The people at the GDC were great and really got people involved in trying out all the science exhibits. I enjoyed Yanchep - I walked around the lake Wetlands Track, but even more, I loved getting behind the wheel of a car after so long and just driving! Also did lots of clothes shopping, so I feel good to have a supply of decent clothes for the next while. I have tomorrow to pack for Spain (and Marrakech), but am catching up on Torchwood, Dr Who and True Blood. I love TW ep 7! We are finally seeing a serious amount of Jack's past life (love the period chosen) and whoo whoo for the Angelo love!

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